Sukkhi Ethnic Pearl Gold Plated Wedding Jewellery Peacock Meenakari Kada For Women (12120KADS650)



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This sukkhi marquise peacock gold plated ad kada for women is made of alloy, women love jewellery; specially traditional jewellery adore a women, they wear it on different occasion, they have special importance on ring ceremony, wedding and festive time, they can also wear it on regular basics, make your moment memorable with this range, this jewel set features a unique one of a kind traditional embellish with antic finish.

Dimension : Kada Width – 1.5 cm
Traditional Pearl Gold Plated Peacock Meenakari Kada for Women will complement any Indian attire. Women Love Jewelry as it not only enhances their beauty, but also gives them the social confidence. Make your moment memorable with this range. This jewel set features a unique one of a kind traditional embellish with antic finish. Kada is very easy to use being lightweight and has a design which makes it very comfortable.
Superior Quality & Skin Friendly : High Quality as per International Standards that makes it very skin friendly. It has been made from toxic free materials Anti-Allergic and Safe for Skin. It can be worn over long time periods without any complains of ach and swelling. Made from Premium Quality Material this product assures to remain in its Original Glory even after years of usage.
Perfect gift : Ideal Valentine, Birthday, Anniversary gift your loved ones. Women love jewellery; specially traditional jewellery adore a women. They wear it on different occasion They have special importance on ring ceremony, wedding and festive time. They can also wear it on regular basics.
Sukkhi began with a vision to provide quality and trendy fashion jewellery products to consumers at competitive prices. We exist to Craft High Quality and appealing Ethnic Jewellery. 100% Genuine Quality Product. For more product options, please visit our store. Please ensure you choose “Sold by Sukkhi Fashion Jewellery” for Original and Good Quality Product.
Usage: Avoid of contact with water and organic chemicals i.e. perfume sprays. Avoid using velvet boxes, and store in air-tight boxes. After use, wipe the jewellery with soft cotton cloth. First wear your makeup, perfume – then wear your jewellery. This will keep your jewellery shining for years.
PACKER: Sukkhi Online Private Limited, Gala No. 199/4, Ground Floor, Kurmurawala Compound, Kurla (West) Mumbai-400070 India; 8767778791

Diwali Celebrations with the best diwali product offers, discount and decoration lights, sweets

We exploded crackers with reckless abandon, backfiring in breathing sicknesses and eye sicknesses as a result of leftover fireworks smog, and these are just the start. Where did these crackers come from? How legion juveniles work in the cracker assiduousness? Can juveniles working in cracker manufacturers anticipate long- term health goods? When noisy crackers explode fair all night, where do drive doggies and felines hide? Festivities shouldn’t harm our clime or create pain or injury to helpless and vulnerable beasties.

Let’s allow about how we can keep the fest’s spirit alive, have fun, and fence the clime at the same time. Keep the party going with these ten simple but effective tweaks. This epoch, go green!


Lights made of plastic

There is no way! Diwali is a fiesta of lights, and it wouldn’t be halfway as lovely if there were not small bursts of light threaded throughout the house. Instead of utilising electricity- guzzling lights, use traditional nature canvas diyas. These aren’t only stunning, but they also hew to long- standing artistic traditions and use only naturalmaterials.The diya can be drew and reused over and over again. After that, get the neighbourhood moppets to dollup them with makeup and stickers. Buying diyas from highway dealers might help the poor celebrate the occasion more effectively. You can buy online diwali gifts and dollup your home.


Without alpanas and rangolis, Diwali would be deficient. Remove the canvas and synthetic cosmetics from the house. Every day, you can assemble stunning patterns out of the leftover loose flowers left over from aboriginal florists. Color, texture, and aroma will deluge the space with these, and yours will be the only one with them. You may yea fill in areas of your design with kitchen goods like turmeric or tea.

Get rid of the firecrackers

Yea ifeco-friendly crackers are available, poisons are still released into the atmosphere. Wherever you are, avoid the loud explosions. Every time there’s a big blast, babies and beasts start howling and shivering. Every Diwali, several desultory kitties and doggies in the area are run over by buses or suffer becks from the crackers. This can do anxiety in faves as well.

Repurpose Last Year’s Paraphernalia

This is the perfect moment to start if you have not before. Buying new goods for Diwali every date is a waste of plutocrat. Light bulbs, candleholders, diyas, and agarbatti stands can all be recovered. Make a patchwork out of old sarees or turn your dupattas into pillowcases. You may have the most beautiful home in the neighbourhood.

Sublime Gift Stereotypes

Diwali is linked with gifts, but skip the usual candles and ornamentals. Resolve for organic gifting choices to shake plunder up. Using a ceramic mug with green or chamomile tea. Workshops make excellentdiwali gifts express deliveryand bring a sense of well- being to anyenvironment.However, unique gifts that serve our strange handworkers, If you like to splurge on home décor. You can also volunteer old clothes and shoes, as well as give away any electronics you no longer use to people in need. Make certain you only supply points that are in good shape.

Give Your Home A Festive Makeover With The cashback, big Collection, offer

The jolly season is the time for families to come together and the home is the centre of the fetes. Traditionally, this is the time to declutter, deep clean and add some sparkle to the insides. This Diwali, give your home a look that exudes casual elaborateness with the all-new Heartland Collection from the house of Asian Maquillages.

The luxury home décor collection will add Indian resplendency to your living spaces, as exquisite pichhwai, Sanganeri and Shanti Niketan prints find their way onto velvet furnishings to generate memorable insides that get etched in the minds of all the guests visiting you for the fetes.

As they say, the heart of every home is the story of the people who inhabit it, make it and shape it just the way they like it! Inoculate your home with the new collection that plays with prints and patterns in myriad colors. It has entity to suit every taste, from classic motifs and artful weaves to hand painted velvets and curated checks and stripes. You can bring the alphabet of nature to caparison your davenports and delicately elaborated lulling drapes to caparison those windows to bringabout that reflects your individualized style.

The Heartland Collection of furnishing fabrics has been created and curated by one of India’s finest developers, Sabyasachi Mukherjee to give your home an instant makeover where heritage meets hot luxury. Everything is elevated, from pattern and palette to décor touches.

Remarking on the new launch, Amit Syngle, Managing Director and CEO of Asian Maquillages said, “ Asian Maquillages has been always on the walls and has been working around so that it can now be between the walls and get into the share of space within the home. To this end, we had launched our own range of movables, furnishings and ornamental lights a while ago. We wanted to further help the consumer make their dream homes come alive through a range of furnishings which are suited for varicolored design preferences and give a wide variety of options to the punter. As we aim to raise a significant presence in this species, it’s our pleasure to renew our relationship with Sabyasachi to break new ground with designs which are classical yet perennial. With this, we now have the widest variety of products in this section with the quality and trust associated with Asian Maquillages.”

The Sabyasachi for Nilaya range has five unique collections – Thar, Makhmal, Soofa, Hazaribagh and Chowk, each of which is a gala in itself of a classic art form it takes heartache from. The creations are fresh and the treatment is truly royal!
Known as the‘ gem of the Sabyasachi collection’, the Makhmal collection is for those who love everything royal. It boasts of rich prints that bring the theme of Indian brilliance right to your living room with classic motifs hand painted on velvets to advance that perfect class.

The Soofah collection is a reflection of the current look and is bedded in a neutral palette. It’s rich linen caricatures and delicate sheers are inspired by neutral stories that offer a soothing calm and a sense of space to your home, with simplicity in both the choice of fabric and patterns.

The Thar collection is an earthy artful range that aims straight for the heart with its options of linen in contemporary weaves and traditional prints that are cheering for the mind and soul. For the minimalists, the Chowk collection is a modernistic take on old world charm with plains, checks and stripes in refreshing colour palettes that look simple yet elegant on upholstery.


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